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The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop knowledge of the history, customs, traditions, and purpose of the Army JROTC. The course includes development of basic leadership skills including leadership principles, values, and attributes. Students should master appreciation for diversity. Active learning strategies are integrated throughout the course with an emphasis on writing skills and oral communication techniques. Financial planning as well as physical fitness, diet, nutrition, healthy lifestyles, awareness of substance abuse and prevention, and basic first aid measures are included. An overview of the globe and geography and basic map reading skills are incorporated. A study of the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, responsibilities of United States citizens, and the federal justice system is also provided.

JROTC 2 (2 years of JROTC satisfy the HOPE graduation requirement)

The purpose of this course is to enable students to expand on skills taught in Leadership Education and Training I. This course introduces the concepts of equal opportunity, fair treatment of minorities, and prevention of sexual harassment. It provides instruction on leadership skills, leadership theories, as well as the basic principles of management. It provides self-assessments that help students determine their skill sets and opportunities to teach using accepted principles and methods of instruction. It emphasizes community service project planning and execution. It also includes dietary guidelines, fitness, and map-reading and orienteering skills. It discusses the significant events that helped shape and develop the Constitution and government and teaches the role of political parties in the election process.


The primary purpose of this course is to enable students to expand on skills taught in Leadership Education and Training 2. This course introduces the students to basic Command and Staff principles, leadership planning and development of leadership strategies. Students improve and refine their Drill and Ceremony skills at both the platoon and company levels (armed and unarmed). Public speaking and presentation skills are emphasized, both in classroom and real-world environments. The course also emphasizes managing conflict, career planning, social responsibility, financial planning and critical thinking. Additionally, this course focuses on wellness and physical fitness, current events awareness and analysis and community service event planning and participation.


The LET 4 curriculum, while continuing to build upon the previous three years of JROTC instruction, emphasizes service to the nation as well as exploring leadership principles associated with power bases, leadership styles, management skills and motivation. This curriculum also provides cadets instruction in multiple facets of personal finance utilizing the National Endowment of Financial Education (NEFE) High School Financial Planning Program. Additionally, cadets will continue to explore career planning by further developing their individualized career and/or college preparation plans. Cadets will act as Assistant Instructors and enhance their teaching skills by developing lesson plans and delivering instruction using a variety of thinking maps and graphic organizers. The LET 4 curriculum will also require senior cadets to participate in a variety of individual and group projects and service learning programs.