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Sharks Cheerleading

2021-2022 Cheer Tryout Clinic is in March

The Tryout clinic will be in the OHS Gym.  Potential athletes will be expected to attend all 4 days of the clinic.   Each day of the clinic will have different materials that you will be required to perform for the tryout.  Missing that material will impact your tryout, so plan ahead to make all dates.   Tryout Times will be scheduled per stunt group on the final day of the clinic.

Note:  Tryouts will be scored by qualified judges from outside of OHS Coaching Staff to ensure there is no bias in the scoring of the individual athletes.  Tryouts are closed and all tryouts are videotaped for the judges to review.  Athletes are scored on their individual performance and that score will not be affected by the other athletes in their group.

Athletes selected for one of the OHS Cheer teams will be invited to begin conditioning following spring break.  Final team placements will begin in the last week of May.

OHS CHEER is a year-round sport and requires athletes to stay on the team year-round.  The only exception is for athletes that play a second sport.  See Coach Downey for info on dual athletes.

Join us on the BAND.US website or the BAND APP on your mobile phone to keep up to date on the latest info for cheer athletes and parents. 

Parents can the QR code below to join the parent band.

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Our goal is to provide a program for all athletes who desire to learn new skills, promote school spirit, become leaders and be better prepared for college. We provide a high-quality coaching staff, who are dedicated to helping athletes who want to reach their highest potential both on and off the mat. Our program provides an educational and competitive cheer program that focuses on fundamentals, teamwork, responsibility, leadership, sportsmanship and good character.

OHS Cheer Staff

Head Coach: Debra Downey-Chenard

Assistant Coach: Alli Zelko

Assistant Coach: Jill Panio