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Compete for Oasis!

All students wishing to participate in Oasis High School Athletics must follow these very simple, but important, steps.

Students missing as little as one of these very important pieces will not be granted eligibility and will be dismissed from any team try-out, practice, or conditioning session.

  1. Please do not send any paperwork to school for athletics, everything is done online on the Athletic Clearance Page and must be completed before an athlete may participate in conditioning, practice or games. 
  2. The student must be a registerd as a full-time student within the Oasis High School database with all required transcripts and documents filed through the office of the school registrar.
  3. The guardian/student must complete the Athletic Clearance Forms (Directions) to register online.
  4. FHSAA Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (EL2 form hard copy to fill out and have your doctor sign then you will upload to the  Athletic Clearance site) completed in an office of a licensed physician.
    • The Preparticipation Physical Evalution is valid for 365 days from its completion date and uploaded to Athletic Clearance.
    • On special occasion, the chance to get a physical completed on the OHS campus will be offered.  Please keep an eye on our calendar of events for these opportunities!
  5. The parent/guardian and student must read and sign the Consent and Release from Liability Certificate completed with the family's insurance information on the Athletic Clearance page.
    • The company name and policy number must be included.
      • Please visit HealthyKids if student insurance is needed.
  6. Students that began their high school career at a high school other than Oasis, must complete a Affidavit of Compliance with the Policies on Athletic Recruiting & an EL7 Non-Traditional Student Participation and a (GA4 Form) in the presence of a notary.
  7. Students who transfer to Oasis High School after the first day of the FHSAA calendar in the sport of their choosing, will not be eligible to participate until the next sport season.
    • Documents not certified by a notary will be returned to the student-athlete therefore delaying their participation for Oasis High School.

All students must take an annual course on Concussions, Heat Illness, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest offered through the National Federation of High Schools 

Click here for directions to register and take the NFHS courses 

National Federation of High Schools (NFHS).

Click on any of the following to access a specific class. 

Coaches Contact & Summer Conditioning

Fall Conditioning and Coaches Contact information

All Coaches Contact Information