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Parking on the OHS Campus is a privilege for both students and staff members. Due to the limited physical number of parking spaces, coupled with increasing demand, the following policy is in effect until modified or rescinded by the Principal:

1. All parking spots on the OHS campus are numbered or marked and specifically designated for students and staff using a by-name roster maintained by the Dean of Students.

2.Students and staff must park in their assigned spots during school hours. Spaces are not reserved during after-school hours or on non-school days.

3. Students and staff will contact the Dean of Students if a non-authorized vehicle is parked in their assigned spot at any time during school hours.

4. The Dean of Students or other assigned personnel will perform spot checks on a regular basis during the school year to ensure that vehicles are parking in their assigned spots and in accordance with all policies.

5. As stated in the Student Parking Spot Request Form located on the school web site, anyone parking in an unauthorized spot will be subject to corrective measures, up to and including towing. Failure to comply with the OHS Parking policies in any way may result in disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct, to include the possible loss of on-campus parking privileges for all involved parties.

6. In the event a vehicle is parked in an unauthorized space, the following process will occur:

  • The Dean of Students will attempt to locate the owner or operator of the vehicle using a variety of means; no more than 30 minutes will be spent attempting to locate the owner. If the owner or operator is able to be confirmed and contacted, he/she will be given a reasonable amount of time (approximately 60 minutes) to move the vehicle into an authorized spot or off campus.
  • If the owner is unable to be identified or contacted, an email notification will be sent to OMS and OES Administration, the OHS and OMS/OES SROs, and the Charter School Administrator or designee to make them aware.
  • If efforts to identify and contact the owner/driver are unsuccessful, the OHS Dean of Students or other Administrator will notify the Administrator or his designee, the OHS Principal and Assistant Principal, the SROs, and OMS and OES Administrators via email that the vehicle will be towed.
  • The Dean of Students or other administrator will then contact the contract towing company for support. The Dean, SRO, or other administrator will be with the vehicle being processed for towing while the towing company is on site. The administrator witnessing the towing will sign any necessary towing documents.
  • The Dean of Students will then notify the Administrator or his designee, the OHS Principal/Assistant Principal, the SROs, and the OMS and OES Administration (if applicable) via email that the vehicle has been towed.
  • The registered owner and/or student driver of the vehicle being towed will be provided the towing company contact data upon their request.

7. If the violator is an OHS student with on-campus parking privileges, their parking permit may be rescinded for a period of time, up to and including the remainder of the school year.

8. If the violator is an OHS student without on-campus parking privileges, the student will be subject to disciplinary action IAW the Student Code of Conduct.

9. Student who are repeat violators of the Parking Policy will face additional consequences as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.

10. If the parking violator is a non-OHS student (parent, sibling, etc.) the individual and vehicle will be reported to the OHS SRO for action in addition to being towed if necessary.

11. Third or additional offenses by the same individual or vehicle, regardless of whether the individual is an OHS student or not, will be referred by the OHS Dean of Students through the OHS Principal and Administrator or his designee to the Cape Coral Police Department.