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The AICE diploma is an international secondary diploma that is recognized by colleges and universities throughout the world. To receive the AICE diploma, students must pass the required exams. Through this program, students may be awarded college credit based on course exams passed. Students receiving the AICE diploma automatically qualify for 100% tuition to state universities through the Florida Bright Futures Scholars Program.

Earning an AICE Diploma

2017 and beyond

A Level counts as a double credit and AS Level counts as a single credit.

A student must achieve a minimum of seven credits from at least three subject groups and the core (Cambridge International AS Level Global Perspectives) to be awarded the diploma.

AS Level Global Perspectives forms the core diploma. It does not count as one of the two credits available from Group 4.

Accumulating results over multiple exam series

A learner can accumulate results to be used towards the Cambridge AICE Diploma over more than one exam series. They can use up to five exam series to take the equivalent of six full credit examinations as long as they are taken within a 25-month period. For example, a candidate entering for the Cambridge AICE Diploma in November 2013 may only use previous results gained in the November 2011, June 2012, November 2012 and June 2013 examination series. These candidates must be entered for the Cambridge AICE Diploma in the final exam series.

Reporting achievement

A learner receives a separate grade for each Cambridge International AS and A Level subject. The grades are benchmarked using internationally recognized grades, which have clear guidelines to explain the standard achievement.

Cambridge International AS Level examinations (worth one credit) are graded a, b, c, d, e with grade a the highest and grade e the lowest.

Cambridge International A Level examinations (worth two credits) are graded A*, A, B, C, D, E with grade A* the highest and grade E the lowest. The lowest passing grade of E is equivalent to a US grade of C or a 3 on an Advanced Placement examination.

Points awarded for grades

The Cambridge AICE Diploma is awarded on a points system, so each grade is converted to a number of points.

Cambridge International AS Level grades are work the following points:

a = 60 points

b = 50 points

c = 40 points

d = 30 points

e = 20 points

Cambridge International A Level grades are worth the following points:


A* = 140 points

A = 120 points

B = 100 points

C = 80 points

D = 60 points

E = 40 points

The Cambridge AICE Diploma is awarded at Distinction, Merit or Pass level, depending on the passing grades earned in the subject examinations.  The level awarded is based on the overall Cambridge AICE Diploma score:


Distinction (320 points or above)

Merit (220 to 319 points)

Pass (120 to 219 points)

The maximum number of Cambridge AICE Diploma points is capped at 360.

Certification of the Cambridge AICE Diploma

Performance that meets the requirements of the group award will receive the Cambridge AICE Diploma. The statement of results will show the grades achieved by the student in each of the Cambridge International AS and A Level subjects taken in the final exam series, as well as the overall level of achievement and points earned in the group award.

Learners who achieve the Cambridge AICE Diploma (ADIP) in one exam series will receive an ADIP statement of results, a certificate showing the grades achieved in individual Cambridge International AS and A Level subjects, and a separate ADIP Certificate.

Learners who do not meet the requirements of the Cambridge AICE Diploma will still receive a certificate that records their achievement for each Cambridge International AS and A Level subject that records their achievement. Students who are working towards the Cambridge AICE Diploma over multiple exam series will receive a statement of results and certificate for Cambridge International AS and A Level where applicable, and will be certificated for the Cambridge AICE Diploma at the end of the final exam series.